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Urge's Monday Night Beer Sale featuring Societe Brewing!

Urge has created probably the greatest beer sale ever imaginable and we hope all of you will come join in on the fun. On this date, we will be doing our sale with one of our all-time favorite's, Societe Brewing. Here is how to play:

To start, this is for bar guests only, so find some sort of space in the area (People on the patio or restaurant are exempt from the game). While the Monday Night game is going, guests will be able to get select beers for $2 off, here is the fun part, those beers are selected randomly by the score of the game. So for instance, if the score is 10-7, then lines 10 and 7 will be $2 off! This will continue throughout the game but only while the game is being played, so during the end of the quarters or halftime the game is halted, however, that night while the score is 0-0 or during these downtime's, all canned beers will be $2 off. So there is a lot of fun to be had! The full list of Societe beer's are as follows:

The Bachelor w/African Queen, The Bachelorette w/Tettnanger, The Dandy, The Pupil, The Apprentice, The Filly, The Heiress and we will have a number of Butcher bottles for sale throughout the night!


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